Body Contouring/Cellulite

What is Body Contouring / Cellulite?

Cellulite is fat that collects in pockets just below the surface of the skin. It is a very common skin condition that causes lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. The condition is most prevalent in women.

Symptoms and Complications

Cellulite is sometimes described as having a cottage cheese or orange peel texture. You can see mild cellulite only if you pinch your skin in an area where you have cellulite, such as your thighs. Cellulite that is more severe makes the skin appear rumpled and bumpy with areas of peaks and valleys. It is most common around the thighs and buttocks, but it can also be found on the breasts, lower abdomen and upper arms.

Treatment Options

Every woman and man desires a beautifully sculpted and shaped body regardless of age. Although healthy eating and regular exercise are an integral part of our busy everyday life for many of us, local fat and persistent cellulite alter our image and make us feel uncomfortable with our body. Sweat no more. BodyFx by InMode will help you regain your lost confidence, without surgeries and downtime.

BodyFX is an innovative,  painless, non-invasive, comfortable long-lasting, non-surgical treatment for the reduction of the jarring cellulite and the enhancement of our body contour. It is a non-invasive treatment that delivers radiofrequency energy, improving blood circulation and dispersing heat to the deep tissue. Negative pressure is used to attach skin to the RF electrodes to create uniform heating over the dermis and sub dermal layers. It is the ideal solution for the elimination of our mummy tummy, love handles, muffin top and any other body part with stubborn local fat.

The device combines three different clinically effective modalities:

1)Electroporation High Voltage “HV” Pulse that destroys permanently the fat cells.

2)Radio-Frequency (RF) energy that generates optimal heating resulting in skin tightening and body contouring.

3)Negative pressure that allows maximal depth treatment.

The RF energy in a series of pulses at 1 million cycles per second delivers heat to the skin and the subcutaneous fat, leading to the heating and contraction of the tissues.  RF energy tightens the skin while the high voltage pulses permanently damage the membrane of the fat cells resulting in an increased flow of ions and organic molecules. These changes in the composition inside the cell cause changes in the intracellular pH and, inevitably, the cell death. Thus, the interaction between the negative pressure and controlled energy leads to the drastic reduction in the fat of the target area and a perfectly sculptured body.

Patients love the results!

Interested in BodyFX for any of your concerns, contact Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics (AAA). At AAA each patient receives personalized care, attention by providing tailor made solution that meets their personal expectation to get the best results!