Cauterization in Mississauga, ON

If you have skin tags or warts, you know that although they are harmless, these skin growths are often unsightly and can cause irritation. Having skin growths on your face, arms, or legs may make you feel less confident about your appearance. That’s why at Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics, we offer the latest treatments for skin tag removal, including cauterization in Mississauga, ON. This non-surgical treatment can safely remove skin tags without harming the surrounding skin. This way, you can achieve clear skin that boosts your inner confidence!

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    About Cauterization in Mississauga, ON

    Cauterization is a minimally invasive treatment that involves the use of a hand-held electrical instrument. Once the tip of this device heats up, it can be used to destroy the skin tags or growths within a few minutes. Before the procedure, we will use a topical or local anesthetic to numb the treatment site. This way, you will not experience pain or discomfort during the process. After cauterization, the tags will become dry and fall off within one to two weeks.

    Our aesthetician will examine your skin tags or growths to determine if you are a good candidate for cauterization treatment. Those with thick skin growths or abnormal lesions may benefit from surgical treatment options.

    Questions About Cauterization?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What to expect from the process of cauterization for skin tags?

    Our in-office cauterization procedure in Mississauga, ON, is fast and typically takes 30 minutes. After consultation, we will first clean and disinfect the skin region and apply an anesthetic to minimize pain.

    Once the area is completely numb, we will use an electrocautery device to remove the tag and seal the underlying skin. The heat from the device also prevents the risk of skin infections. The burnt skin tag will eventually fall off within a few days.

    Does cauterization hurt?

    To make sure that you have a comfortable treatment experience, our team will apply a local or topical anesthetic to your skin. We will ensure that the treatment region is completely numb before we cauterize it. This way, you will likely not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure.

    How long does it take to see the results?

    Generally, skin tag removal can be achieved with a single session of cauterization in Mississauga, ON. After the skin growth has been cauterized, it will turn dry and will fall off within one to two weeks. This treatment works really well for minor skin tags, and you will notice excellent results within a week.

    Are there any risks or complications?

    This treatment is a safe and effective method for skin tag removal. Soon after the procedure, you may experience minor pain or discomfort, but it settles within a few days. The cauterized area may have a tiny mark or scar, but in general, this treatment offers the most aesthetically pleasing results.

    Our Testimonials

    What Our Patients Say About Us

    Had a great experience at Aafiyat aesthetics. Staff are patient will answer any questions you may have. The environment is very clean and welcoming, and results were extremely promising. I recommend taking your time to discuss all possible options with staff to choose what is best for you.

    ~ Zainab

    Im sharing my experience to vouch AAA cause im super grateful for my results right now, im currently doing my morpheus8 and Sublative treatment by Tasneem she makes me comfortable and knowledgeable these treatment and she earned my trust about this. Im looking forward for my best more results. Im highly recommend AAA♥️
    Jeloven Arizala

    ~ Jeloven Arizala

    I am so glad I came across Aafiyat aesthetics. The clinic is super clean and organized. Tasneem and staff is very welcoming and Mekisha goes above and beyond answering all your questions. The laser experience is painless and results speak for themselves! Already recommended this to my family who now go to this clinic and anyone else who wants to go, know you’re in great hands. 10/10!
    Mashaal Dilawar

    ~ Mashaal Dilawar

    Mekisha and Tasneem have both been incredible. The experience was comfortable, they talked me through the whole process, and I have seen incredible results only 2 sessions in.
    Maheen A

    ~ Maheen A

    I came in for a complimentary consultation and we ended up starting with a hydrafacial after my consultation. Tasneem was very knowledgeable in understanding my skin and understood that due to my eczema condition there were differences in my skin texture and customized the treatment and masks used. I left feeling so refreshed and very confident about my skin. The treatment was a so good that I came in with dry and allergic skin and left glowing and refreshed and with almost all my dark spots very less visible. She also was very hands on and suggested some amazing dermatologist approved products which I have started using in my day and and she wanted to be a part of my skin improvement for the future and constantly and even followed up the next day on how I was feeling post the treatment. The clinic and the entire staff are extremely kind and super helpful. The best experience I have had in a clinic in Canada.
    Aimen Syed

    ~ Aimen Syed

    I have been doing laser treatments and facials here for over 1 year. Great service and I have experienced great results. Highly recommended.
    Preya Nagaretnam

    ~ Preya Nagaretnam

    Excellent way to welcome people with excellent skin treatments. I am really happy! I loved.💝💝💝💝 …
    Ana Claudia Gomes Worship

    ~ Ana Claudia Gomes Worship

    It was an amazing experience! The workers were very kind and explained wall the things used in the facial. They were very thorough and took their time to make sure my concerns were addressed, for me specifically it was blackheads, and by the end of the treatment I could definitely see a difference.
    Rabab Shah

    ~ Rabab Shah

    Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics is the best! They truly cares about customers and is always willing to answer all my questions. The laser hair removal treatment was not painful at all and they made me feel very comfortable. Overall, great experience!
    Valeria Medina

    ~ Valeria Medina

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