Nail Fungus Treatment in Mississauga, ON

If you are dealing with nail fungus or onychomycosis, it can lead to complications if not treated on time. At Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics, we have the tools and knowledge to treat your affected nail in a safe manner, thanks to our nail fungus treatment in Mississauga, Ontario. The fungus sneaks in through the cracks and exhibits symptoms such as changes in the color or thickness of the nail. You should contact a specialist before the fungus has the chance to spread!

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    What is Onychomycosis of Nail Fungus?

    Are you wearing colorful nail polish? Not paying much attention to your nails? You might be welcoming an unwelcome visitor: Nail Fungus.

    Toenail fungus enters through the cracks present in your nails or cuts on your skin, causing an infection. It is often characterized by the affected toenail changing color or getting thicker. Fungi thrive in warm, moist areas, and you might be susceptible to the infection if you often wear sweaty socks and shoes. You will need to see a specialist in order to prevent the infection from spreading to other fingernails, the surrounding skin, and even people.

    We provide promising onychomycosis treatment for the residents of Mississauga, ON, so you do not have to deal with discomfort or complications.

    Questions About Nail Fungus Treatment?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Signs You May Have a Nail Fungus

    Nail fungus is a common disorder that leads to yellow or chalky white, brittle, cracked, smelly, and thick nails. Fungal nail infections, called onchomycosis, most often affect toenails. Infected nails are usually warped or oddly shaped, and they can break easily. Sometimes, a white dot shows up on the nail and then gets bigger. When fungus builds up under your nail, it can loosen and even separate the nail from the bed. The fungus can also spread to the skin around your infected nail.

    What are the Treatment Options?

    If you experience the symptoms of nail fungus, our specialist in Mississauga, ON, can help. There are many ways to treat nail fungus, such as oral medication, topical treatments, etc. In some cases, the entire nail is removed to finally eliminate the fungus. Laser treatment for nail fungus is also an effective method to get rid of the infection with the help of an effective approach. Here is an insight on laser treatment:

    How can Laser Treatment – Candela be of Help?

    We use Candela GentleMax Pro, which is your safest and most convenient option to treat nail fungus, especially if your infected nail has become painful and thick. It uses laser heat to weaken and kill nail fungus. The laser beams high-intensity light deep into skin tissue, where it delivers a controlled amount of heat. The upper layers of your skin are protected by the patented Dynamic Cooling Device technology with a burst of cryogen. The Candela nail fungus removal treatment is a promising solution that completely erases toenail fungus, usually eliminating the chance of regrowth.

    Why is Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus Popular?

    You have the opportunity to finally say goodbye to the troubles and discomfort that nail fungus brings. This way, you can look forward to new and healthy nail growth once the laser targets the organism that is responsible for the infection. Though it takes some months, our laser therapy for nail fungus is not without benefits.

    The primary advantage of laser treatment is that it incorporates lasers that generate heat, targeting and eliminating the fungus. It is an efficient option to end years of pain and restore the condition of your nails. You will no longer have to experience the discomfort and symptoms that a fungus brings forth!

    Another benefit of laser treatment is that the specialist will remove your nail fungus, and you will not even experience a twinge! That is right — the process is safe and does not require you to receive anesthesia. Even if there is any discomfort, it will take place during the first 48 hours following the procedure and diminish soon. It is a simple process that lasts around 15 minutes, depending on the severity of your nail fungus. Our specialist will ensure you receive adequate care, and the fungus will be history within just cases. You may need more than one session to see further improvement. If so, you would have to wait at least 30 days between sessions.

    You can expect fast results when you opt for our Candela GentleMax Pro laser treatment for nail fungus since our experts in Mississauga, ON, use efficient techniques to do the job. The laser kills the fungus immediately, ensuring you see fast results. As for recovery, you will feel much better in a week or so.

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    Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics is the best! They truly cares about customers and is always willing to answer all my questions. The laser hair removal treatment was not painful at all and they made me feel very comfortable. Overall, great experience!
    Jeloven Arizala

    ~ Valeria Medina

    It was an amazing experience! The workers were very kind and explained wall the things used in the facial. They were very thorough and took their time to make sure my concerns were addressed, for me specifically it was blackheads, and by the end of the treatment I could definitely see a difference.
    Jeloven Arizala

    ~ Rabab Shah

    Our Specialist will Treat Your Nail Fungus!

    If your nail has been changing colors, becoming misshapen, turning thicker, or exhibiting unusual symptoms, you may be dealing with onychomycosis. At Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics, we have a dedicated team that works with utmost devotion to ensure your concerns are addressed. You can opt for our exceptional nail fungus treatment in Mississauga, ON, and restore the health of your nail. Get in touch with us now at (289) 825-2332.

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