Votiva Treatment

Are you experiencing lower sexual interest or there is low blood flow? Then we suggest getting Votiva treatment near Mississauga, at Aafiyat. Votiva treatment is a noninvasive procedure that is designed to address vaginal issues, both internal as well as external. Aside from tightening the vagina, and treating sagging issues, Votiva treatment increases blood flow and sensitivity. It is a painless procedure that can be performed to treat different vaginal areas like the labia, canal, as well as vulva.

Votiva Treatment Candidate

Other than experiencing lower sexual interest or low blood flow if you face the following issues we suggest getting Votiva treatment:

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Lost muscle Tone

Votiva Treatment Consultation

Consultation at the Votiva treatment near Mississauga involves a specialist first understanding the concerns of the patients, telling them the benefits of the procedure and what to expect from the procedure. This also includes gathering information about previous medical history, any prescribed supplements, and more. This will be followed by a physical examination to ensure that the vagina is in perfect health to undergo the Votiva treatment.

Votiva Treatment Benefits

Getting Votiva near Mississauga will give you the following benefits:

  • Fix the atrophy and laxity of the vagina
  • Rejuvenates vaginal strength and tone such as in the Kegel muscles
  • Minimizes vaginal pain
  • Make the vagina more sensitive by increasing the flow of blood
  • Enhances the external appearance of the vgainal
  • Gets rid of vaginal dryness
  • Enhances sexual interest and pleasure
  • Minimizes stress incontinence

Votiva Treatment Procedure

Votiva near Mississauga makes use of radio frequency energy to gently heat the tissue that rejuvenates the collagen without any pain or discomfort. A small probe is used to generate heat and revitalize the proteins deep within the layers of the vagina and stimulate the regrowth of mucosa.

Depending upon the requirements after consultation, the specialist will decide whether to go with Formav and Fractorave or a combination of both radiofrequency. It stimulates fibroblasts to generate new collagen. We know the importance of collagen in maintaining healthy skin and giving it elasticity, this is why Votiva treatment tightens the pelvic muscles and repairs the vaginal looseness making it tight.

A non-invasive treatment that can be used both externally as well as internally for vaginal remodeling. It eases muscles, makes them more relaxed, and improves blood circulation. This results in the tightening of the vaginal muscles.

It is a non-invasive treatment specially designed to address and fix the issues related to the exterior of the vagina such as laxity.

A specialist or a medical assistant will place a probe and insert it into your vagina. The treatment does not take more than 30 minutes and you won’t need any anesthesia or numbing cream since there is no discomfort or pain.

Side Effects Of Votiva

Votiva treatment is approved by FDA which means not only is it safe but offers numerous health benefits. If we are to take risks into consideration, then it is important to note that a person is only susceptible to any risk if the treatment is not done correctly. This is why we recommend getting Votiva treatment near Mississauga by a board-certified doctor at Aafiyat.

Votiva Treatment Before Care Tips

At Aafiyat, Vitova near Mississauga will provide you with a set of instructions and routine to follow post-Votiva treatment. Some of the aftercare tips might include (but are not limited to)-

  • While there is no restriction on bathing, doctors will recommend you avoid scrubbing, and exfoliation and be gentle. Furthermore, you are advised to not use the hot tub for at least the next 3 days after the treatment.
  • If the treatment has been done internally, sexual activities need to be resumed after 2 days, but if it’s external treatment doctors would advise you to wait for at least 3-4 days after the treatment.
  • Your doctor might give you a topical ointment to apply to the treated area. We advise using pantyliners to avoid ruining the undergarments.
  • Make it a point to clean the treated areas as per the doctor’s instruction

Votiva Treatment Recovery Period

Since the downtime associated with Votiva treatment is close to nothing, a person can resume their daily activities including exercise after the treatment is done.

Votiva Treatment Cost
The pricing of Votiva near Missisuaga depends heavily upon the severity of the symptoms and the number of treatments required to achieve optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does Votiva’s impact last?

According to medical practitioners, the impact of Votiva can last up to 18 months and doctors would recommend getting an annual inspection and follow-up.

Does Votiva make you tighter?

Since the external tissues get restored with Votiva, it does improve vaginal tightening. It is a process that can be done in a few minutes but its impact lasts longer.

Can we bathe after getting Votiva treatment?

While a person can return to normal activity after Votiva treatment, doctors recommend avoiding hot tubs, pools, and baths tub for 3 days following the treatment.

How many Votiva treatment does a person usually need?

Doctors recommend getting a minimum of a series of 3 treatments for optimal results.

Is Votiva a laser treatment?

Yes, Votiva is a laser treatment that involves using laser energy to emit heat.

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