Votiva Treatment in Mississauga, ON

Are you experiencing lower sexual interest or maybe low blood flow? In that case, vaginal dryness and other symptoms start showing. Our Votiva treatment in Mississauga, ON, can help significantly reduce your discomfort and help improve your vaginal health. Our skilled specialist can perform the procedure to treat the labia, canal, and vulva in an efficient manner. Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics is your go-to place for safe and comfortable procedures!

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    Introducing Votiva

    Votiva treatment involves working with a FormaV handpiece to perform the procedure that offers vaginal tightening and more. This non-invasive procedure is specifically designed to address internal and external vaginal concerns by gently heating the tissue. Your pelvic floor muscles will tighten, and you will notice pain relief. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to perform the Votiva procedures safely, and you can come to our Mississauga clinic for treatment. We will resolve concerns such as sagging tissues and increase blood flow as well as sensitivity.

    Questions About Votiva Treatment?

    Our Testimonials

    What Our Patients Say About Us

    Had a great experience at Aafiyat aesthetics. Staff are patient will answer any questions you may have. The environment is very clean and welcoming, and results were extremely promising. I recommend taking your time to discuss all possible options with staff to choose what is best for you.

    ~ Zainab

    Im sharing my experience to vouch AAA cause im super grateful for my results right now, im currently doing my morpheus8 and Sublative treatment by Tasneem she makes me comfortable and knowledgeable these treatment and she earned my trust about this. Im looking forward for my best more results. Im highly recommend AAA♥️
    Jeloven Arizala

    ~ Jeloven Arizala

    I am so glad I came across Aafiyat aesthetics. The clinic is super clean and organized. Tasneem and staff is very welcoming and Mekisha goes above and beyond answering all your questions. The laser experience is painless and results speak for themselves! Already recommended this to my family who now go to this clinic and anyone else who wants to go, know you’re in great hands. 10/10!
    Mashaal Dilawar

    ~ Mashaal Dilawar

    Mekisha and Tasneem have both been incredible. The experience was comfortable, they talked me through the whole process, and I have seen incredible results only 2 sessions in.
    Maheen A

    ~ Maheen A

    I have been doing laser treatments and facials here for over 1 year. Great service and I have experienced great results. Highly recommended.
    Preya Nagaretnam

    ~ Preya Nagaretnam

    Excellent way to welcome people with excellent skin treatments. I am really happy! I loved.💝💝💝💝 …
    Ana Claudia Gomes Worship

    ~ Ana Claudia Gomes Worship

    It was an amazing experience! The workers were very kind and explained wall the things used in the facial. They were very thorough and took their time to make sure my concerns were addressed, for me specifically it was blackheads, and by the end of the treatment I could definitely see a difference.
    Rabab Shah

    ~ Rabab Shah

    Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics is the best! They truly cares about customers and is always willing to answer all my questions. The laser hair removal treatment was not painful at all and they made me feel very comfortable. Overall, great experience!
    Valeria Medina

    ~ Valeria Medina

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is the Votiva Treatment Candidate?

    Other than experiencing lower sexual interest or low blood flow, you can opt for our Votiva treatment for urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, and lost muscle tone.

    What to Expect in Votiva Treatment Consultation?

    When you consult a doctor for Votiva treatment, they will start by understanding your concerns, telling you the benefits of the procedure and what to expect, and making sure you have the essential facts. This also includes gathering information about previous medical history, any prescribed supplements, and more. This will be followed by a physical examination to ensure that the vagina is in perfect health to undergo the Votiva treatment.

    What are the Reasons to Choose Votiva Treatment?

    Our Votiva feminine rejuvenation is filled to the brim with benefits, and you can opt for the treatment if you live in Mississauga, Ontario. The primary advantage of this procedure is that it treats the vaginal atrophy and fixes the laxity as well. Since the lack of estrogen can exhibit many painful symptoms, vaginal rejuvenation is meant to cater to your needs and address the present issues.

    All your vaginal pain will be history, and you will be able to enjoy sexual intimacy, horse riding, and all the other things that the pain stopped you from doing. Moreover, the promising procedure improves blood flow, which also restores the sensitivity in your genitalia. The strength of your vagina lost over the years will be rejuvenated, and it will become more toned.

    An important benefit is that the Votiva treatment will reduce vaginal dryness, making it possible for you to experience pleasure. In addition, the procedure enhances the external appearance of the vagina while reducing the stress incontinence. Just one procedure, but the advantages are endless!

    WHat are the Procedures for Votiva Treatment?

    At Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics, we incorporate radio frequency energy in our Votiva treatment to gently heat the tissue that rejuvenates the collagen without any pain or discomfort. A small probe is used to generate heat and revitalize the proteins deep within the layers of the vagina and stimulate the regrowth of mucosa.

    Depending upon the requirements after consultation, the specialist will decide whether to go with Formav and Fractorave or a combination of both radiofrequency. It stimulates fibroblasts to generate new collagen. We know the importance of collagen in maintaining healthy skin and giving it elasticity; this is why Votiva treatment tightens the pelvic muscles and repairs the vaginal looseness making it tight.

    • Formav
    • Fractorave
    What are the Possible Side Effects?

    Votiva treatment is approved by the FDA, which means not only is it safe, but it also offers numerous health benefits. If we are to consider risks, then it is important to note that a person is only susceptible to any risk if the treatment is not done correctly. This is why we recommend getting Votiva treatment at our clinic in Mississauga, where a board-certified doctor will take care of your needs.

    What are the AfterCare Tips Following Your Session?

    Your well-being is something we do not compromise on, and our team will instruct you on the proper aftercare once your Votiva treatment is complete. You can make sure you experience nothing but optimal results if you stick to our instructions.

    Bathing is not out of the list, but we recommend no scrubbing or exfoliation when you bathe; instead, use a gentle approach. You will have to resist the urge to jump into the hot tub and relax in warm water for at least 3 days after your Votiva procedure with us.

    Our Votiva procedure is also helpful in alleviating the symptoms of internal vaginal issues. In that case, you will have to refrain from sexual activities. As for external Votiva treatment, our doctor will recommend waiting 3 to 4 days.

    When you opt for Votiva treatment, our Mississauga specialist might give you a topical ointment to apply on the treated region. It might help to use pantyliners in order to avoid ruining your undergarments. Moreover, follow your doctor’s advice on cleaning the treated areas!

    What is the Recovery Period?

    Since the downtime associated with Votiva treatment is close to nothing, a person can resume their daily activities, including exercise, after the treatment is done.

    What is the Cost of Votiva Treatment?

    The pricing of Votiva in Mississauga depends heavily upon the severity of the symptoms and the number of treatments required to achieve optimal results.

    How long does Votiva’s impact last?

    According to medical practitioners, the impact of Votiva can last up to 18 months, and doctors recommend getting an annual inspection and follow-up.

    Does Votiva make you tighter?

    Since the external tissues get restored with Votiva, it does improve vaginal tightening. It is a process that can be done in a few minutes, but its impact lasts longer.

    Can we bathe after getting Votiva treatment?

    While a person can return to normal activity after Votiva treatment, doctors recommend avoiding hot tubs, pools, and bathtubs for 3 days following the treatment.

    How many Votiva treatments does a person usually need?

    Doctors recommend getting a minimum of a series of 3 treatments for optimal results.

    Is Votiva a laser treatment?

    Yes, Votiva is a laser treatment that involves using laser energy to emit heat.

    We Perform Efficient Votiva Procedures!

    Vaginal atrophy and other concerns can cause painful symptoms. They also restrict you from indulging in intimate activities since the blood flow reduces, sensitivity decreases, and vaginal tissues start drying, among other problems. Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics is here to improve your vaginal health and reduce pain with Votiva treatment in Mississauga, ON. You can get in touch with us now by dialing (289) 825-2332!

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