Microneedling in Mississauga, Ontario

What if we told you we could make half of your skin concerns disappear? You read that right — our microneedling treatment in Mississauga, Ontario, is the ideal solution for acne, enlarged pores, and other facial issues. Our skilled team offers a wide range of services that will revitalize your skin. We incorporate advanced and effective technology in our procedures. When you visit us for a microneedling session, we will use an E-pen to deliver exceptional results. Start your journey towards healthy and smooth skin with Aafiyat Aesthetics!

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    Introducing Microneedling Treatment

    Microneedling treatment, also known as collagen induction therapy, skin needling, or derma rolling, is a cosmetic and minimally invasive procedure. It involves using tiny needles to create microscopic wounds on the skin. When the skin opens, the immune system rushes to the wounds to provide necessary nutrients for healing. This new skin forms, resulting in unhealthy skin dying and finally shedding off. The new skin cells thus formed consist of fresh collagen and elastic and critical proteins that make your skin smooth and supple. In the process, our board-certified dermatologist makes use of a medical-grade microneedling device that is capable of working on all skin types. If you want to get a Microneedling facial treatment in Mississauga, Aafiyat Aesthetics is the right choice for you.

    We Elevate Your Microneedling Experience in Mississauga with an E-Pen

    The E-Pen is a microneedling device that has been approved by Health Canada and features 12 stainless steel needles of the highest medical grade. It operates at a high speed of 7,000 RPM, providing smooth and comfortable treatment for patients. We want to provide you access to high-end skincare procedures, which is why we incorporate advanced methods in our microneedling. Explore safe and promising microneedling pen treatment with us!

    Questions About Microneedling?

    Skin Conditions Our Microneedling Procedure Treats in Mississauga, ON

    You no longer have to keep up with hyperpigmentation, acne scars, or any other skin concerns when Aafiyat Aesthetics is here. We perform effective microneedling procedures that will give your skin the radiant renewal it needs. You will notice a dramatic enhancement after one or more sessions with our skin expert. You can sign up for the versatile microneedling treatment in Mississauga, Ontario if you have the following skin conditions:

    1. Acne

    Our microneedling works wonders for acne, especially if you suffer from depressed acne scars. When combined with Vitamin C or PRP, this skin-pricking process can produce collagen that smooths out the skin’s appearance and helps fill in the gaps left by acne scars. It is important to note that if you have active acne, we would recommend letting it heal first before going for microneedling.

    2. Stretch Marks

    Are you tired of the stretch marks? Our microneedling treatments can lessen the visibility of the stretch marks. When the microneedling device pricks your skin with needles and creates wounds, it produces collagen and elastin in the new skin cells.

    3. Large Pores

    If you have oily skin and notice large black spots on your cheek, chin, or forehead, there is a possibility that you have large pores. Large pores are common in oily skin as they appear due to the overproduction of sebum oil. This oil attracts bacteria and dirt. The gland responsible for producing sebum, the sebaceous gland, expands in size and results in large pores. With microneedling working on smoothing out the skin texture, it diminishes the appearance of the pores, thus making them less visible.

    4. Wrinkles & Fine Lines

    If you are looking for a solution to kick back the signs of aging, then microneedling is the answer. By pricking your skin using needles and speeding up the immune system’s ability to heal wounds, microneedling smoothens the skin texture and fills in the gaps left by fine lines and wrinkles. Say hello to youthful skin with our microneedling face treatment in Mississauga, ON.

    5. Uneven Skin Tone

    If you have uneven skin tone due to sun damage or other factors such as hormonal changes, acne scars, or skin damage, then microneedling treatment can help you get the glowing skin back. By boosting the production of collagen and elastin in the body, microneedling results in an even skin tone.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is Microneedling Treatment Best for Your Skin?

    Experience the enhancing benefits of microneedling with our experts. Our microneedling face treatment will work its magic and stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production. Wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging will fade with just a few sessions.

    Did years of sun exposure damage your skin? Worry not; microneedling will target hyperpigmentation and age spots, revitalizing the texture of your skin. While our microneedling treatment shows incredible results, it has other benefits, too. When you resume with your skincare, microneedling actually improves its effectiveness. You can tap into a glowing version of yourself by visiting our experts. Our microneedling treatment is here to help the residents of Mississauga, Ontario, achieve smooth and even-toned skin.

    What are the Side Effects of Microneedling Treatment?

    While microneedling treatment is a safe and effective method, there are certain side effects that people might experience, such as redness and swelling. But these are all a part of the recovery process and should subside within a few days or a week.

    Who is a Good Candidate for Microneedling Treatment?

    Microneedling at Aafiyat Aesthetics is a relatively safe procedure that anyone can undergo. But if you have active acne, infections, or face issues with wound healing, we would recommend you wait until your skin has healed and then go for the treatment.

    While there are little to no complications associated with microneedling, if you are pregnant, we would advise against going for it. The potential side effects of microneedling include skin infections, allergic reactions, and cold sores, which could affect the health of your baby.

    How Long is the Recovery Period for Microneedling Treatment?

    While there is minimal downtime involved with the microneedling treatment, the healing process generally depends upon the extent of the treatment. Normally, it should not take more than 24 hours for your skin to heal. You can go back to your routine and continue with normal daily activities or wear makeup 24 hours after the treatment.

    What are the After Care Tips?

    A. Here at Aafiyat Aesthetics, we want you to have the skin you dream of. After your microneedling treatment, our aesthetician will give you detailed instructions on taking care of your skin. Here are some considerations we might share:

    • Your skin will be prone to sun damage after the microneedling session. Therefore, we advise you to avoid sun exposure for at least 2 weeks. In fact, apply a generous amount of sunscreen on the treated area and make sure to reapply it every 3 hours.
    • Resist the urge to touch your face after microneedling treatment; even if you do, thoroughly wash your hands beforehand.
    • We will prescribe antibiotic cream in order to prevent infection. Do not forget to use it!
    • Our expert professionals recommend avoiding swimming pools, saunas, and intense workouts for 72 hours.
    • Do not put on makeup for a day or two. If you do, it can clog the newly exposed skin and result in breakouts.
    • You should also refrain from using skincare products, especially ones with harsh chemicals and exfoliating ingredients. Moreover, stop using retinol and Vitamin C for 48 hours following your microneedling treatment.
    • We might advise you to use Hyaluronic acid. Consult our skin specialists for suggestions on moisturizers!
    Is Microneedling Safe for Your Skin?

    Yes, microneedling treatment is a safe and effective procedure that helps rejuvenate the skin by reducing wrinkles, minimizing scars, and tightening loose skin.

    Is Microneedling Better than Botox?

    Both treatments are effective in their own way. While Botox can be used on patients with moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, microneedling is suitable for those with aesthetic concerns due to decreased collagen production.

    Is Microneedling Worth the Money?

    Microneedling is a relatively inexpensive procedure that offers numerous benefits compared to other treatments and procedures that can burn a hole in the pocket.

    Can You See Microneedling Results After the First Session?

    Yes, microneedling offers numerous benefits with visible results after 1 or 2 sessions.

    Is Microneedling Better than Chemical Peel?

    Chemical peel fixes the skin-related issue on a superficial layer, but microneedling works deeper and is known to improve stubborn and troublesome skin-related problems.

    Our Testimonials

    What Our Patients Say About Us

    Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics is the best! They truly cares about customers and is always willing to answer all my questions. The laser hair removal treatment was not painful at all and they made me feel very comfortable. Overall, great experience!
    Jeloven Arizala

    ~ Valeria Medina

    It was an amazing experience! The workers were very kind and explained wall the things used in the facial. They were very thorough and took their time to make sure my concerns were addressed, for me specifically it was blackheads, and by the end of the treatment I could definitely see a difference.
    Jeloven Arizala

    ~ Rabab Shah

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