Skin Laxity Treatment in Mississauga, ON

Do you wish to turn back time, back to when you had firmer skin? Aafiyat Aesthetics brings you effective solutions to keep your skin looking young and beautiful. Our skin laxity treatment in Mississauga, Ontario, is catered according to your skin. Our specialists will incorporate quality materials and promising methods to lift your face. While it is only natural for your skin to mature as you age, we can help stop the aging skin in its tracks. Restore the youthful glow on your skin with us!

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    Skin Laxity

    A Little Bit About Skin Laxity

    Skin laxity is an age-related skin condition where our youthful appearance fades, and sagging, loose skin makes its grand appearance along with fine lines and wrinkles. Naturally, as part of the aging process, our body’s production of collagen and elastin diminishes. Skin laxity appears most frequently around the cheeks and the jawline. It can also occur around the body, especially in patients who have lost a significant amount of weight over time. When it comes to decreased facial skin laxity, even the best skin care products, skin regimens, and sunscreen often don’t cut it. Fortunately, our specialist at Aafiyat Aesthetics can help you with that. We offer exceptional treatment for skin laxity on your face at our Mississauga skincare clinic.

    Questions About Skin Laxity Treatment?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Symptoms and Complications?

    When you age or lose weight, you might notice sagging skin. If your skin is no longer supple and smooth, we can help! You should keep an eye out for the signs of skin laxity, which includes loss of volume in your cheeks and even around your eyes. Moreover, your cheeks might appear to drop, and a heavier fold forms in the nasolabial region. That is not all — even your jawline loses its shape and becomes less firm than before. Once your skin loses elasticity and collagen production slows down, it can age you. Our dermatologist wants you to feel confident in your skin, and we have the tools to combat signs of aging!

    What are the Causes of Skin Laxity?

    Your body’s collagen and elastin production levels decrease over time, which results in loose or sagging skin. Our skin experts can explain exactly why this happens and proceed with the appropriate treatment. Visit us for skin laxity if you live in Mississauga, ON!

    The primary reason behind skin laxity is a decline in elastin and collagen production. Other than this, your lifestyle choices, sun exposure, pollutants, toxins, and free radicals also contribute to skin laxity. If you lose weight all of a sudden or drastically, you may get sagging skin. We know aging and genetics are not something you have control over, but all is not lost! Our skin specialist has command over treatment for skin laxity.

    What is the Treatment for Skin Laxity?

    If you have been struggling with skin laxity, we have got you covered. Our dermatologist offers promising solutions to keep your skin firm, tight, and youthful. With our skin laxity treatment, the residents of Mississauga, ON, have nothing to worry about! You can look forward to the highest level of professionalism when you trust Aafiyat Aesthetics with your sagging skin.

    • Dermal Fillers
    How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

    Dermal fillers, also known as injectable implants, are medical device implants approved by the FDA for use in helping to create a smoother and/or fuller appearance in the face, including nasolabial folds (the lines extending from the sides of the nose to the edges of the mouth), cheeks, chin, lips, and back of the hands. Dermal fillers can fade fine lines on your face or hands and lessen other signs of aging. They’re soft, gel-like substances that a medical professional injects under your skin. Different types of dermal fillers are designed to treat varying signs of aging.

    Our experts are equipped with the tools to provide nothing short of exceptional. It is with utmost dedication that we offer skincare services, including dermal filler treatment. Do you want to plump up your lips a little? No worries, dermal fillers are the way to go. Apart from this, the shallow areas on your face will look much better after a few sessions with us. The area under your eyes is prone to wrinkles and fine lines, but we can erase that with our dermal fillers. If you have recessed scars, our dermatologist will take care of that, too. Plus, you no longer have to deal with static wrinkles on your face; our skin laxity treatment is the go-to service for residents of Mississauga.

    Our Testimonials

    What Our Patients Say About Us

    Aafiyat Advanced Aesthetics is the best! They truly cares about customers and is always willing to answer all my questions. The laser hair removal treatment was not painful at all and they made me feel very comfortable. Overall, great experience!
    Jeloven Arizala

    ~ Valeria Medina

    It was an amazing experience! The workers were very kind and explained wall the things used in the facial. They were very thorough and took their time to make sure my concerns were addressed, for me specifically it was blackheads, and by the end of the treatment I could definitely see a difference.
    Jeloven Arizala

    ~ Rabab Shah

    We’ll Treat the Skin Laxity on Your Face in Mississauga, ON!

    You can count on Aafiyat Aesthetics to deal with the skin laxity on your face and remove any signs of sagging skin. We have the skills and expertise to offer top-notch skin laxity treatment in Mississauga, Ontario. It is our pride to admit that we use efficient techniques and tailor the treatment according to your result in order to help you achieve youthful skin. Talk to us now by dialing (289) 825-2332.

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