How Long Does Sculptra Last?

June 30, 2024

If you are looking for a unique treatment to reverse the signs of aging, Sculptra takes the spotlight. It stimulates collagen production and shows results gradually without making it evident that you had any work done. You might be wondering: How long does Sculptra treatment last? We will talk about it in this blog.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra treatment consists of an injectable dermal filler that stimulates collagen production in the treatment area and reverses the signs of aging. This procedure is approved by the FDA, and you can opt for Sculptra to rejuvenate your cheeks, neck, chest, hands, and decolletage. You can even consult your dermatologist to receive Sculptra as a non-invasive contouring treatment, such as for accentuating the appearance of hip dips.

How Long Will Sculptra Treatment Last?

To answer, Sculptra treatment produces results that could last 2 to 3 years, depending on the individual case. Your age, skin health, overall health, and lifestyle choices are some factors that might play a major role in how long the results last.

The results are gradual, and you will start noticing a prominent difference within 2-3 months, with final results usually showing at 6 months. You may require around 3 Sculptra treatment sessions scheduled a month apart.

Tips to Make Your Results Last Longer

Make your skin health your priority if you want your Sculptra results to last longer! You will need to keep your skin hydrated from inside and outside. Consult your dermatologist and find the right skin care products according to your skin type. Moisturizing once or twice daily is a must, so is staying hydrated!

Hydration and moisturizing are not the only important aspects of making the Sculptra last a bit longer. Your skin needs to be nourished, and you can do this by keeping up with a healthy diet. Other than this, you should never forget to wear your sunscreen, whether you have received Sculptra or not.

You can also maintain good lifestyle choices, such as not smoking and low or no alcohol consumption, as they can constrict your blood vessels. If your blood vessels constrict, they do not allow the nutrients to flow effectively, slowing down collagen production.

What Makes Sculptra Different

When you visit us for Sculptra Injections in Mississauga, ON, you can consult the specialist about how it works. It is different from usual dermal fillers that consist of hyaluronic acid and produce instant results. Sculptra contains another substance, poly-L-lactic acid, which triggers the natural elastin and collagen production in your body after it is injected. This happens because the injections create a controlled inflammatory response in the area of treatment. Over the next several weeks to months, the results will show and continue to improve. You will notice a smooth, firm, and youthful appearance that is also long-lasting!


Sculptra treatment works by taking advantage of your body’s natural collagen production and enhancing the targeted area. You can expect the results to last from 1 to 3 years, depending on your skin condition, health, maintenance sections, and other factors.

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