PRP Vampire facial: What is it and what are its benefits?

January 31, 2023

Have you started noticing prominent fine lines and wrinkles?
Does your skin feel devoid of moisture all the time?
Do you have an uneven skin tone or texture?
Is your skin starting to sag?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time you get vampire facial PRP.

You must have seen celebrities and influencers on Instagram or Facebook with blood on their faces and wondered what it is. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this blog we are going to cover:

What is a vampire facial?
What are the vampire facial benefits?
Who is the right candidate for the PRP vampire facelift?
Does Vampire facial PRP hurt?
What are the side effects of Vampire facial PRP?
How to take care of your skin after a vampire facial?

Let’s begin the journey to rejuvenated skin!

What is a vampire facial?

Often misunderstood by the common people as a type of makeup famous in Hollywood, Vampire facials, in reality, is a cosmetic and minimally invasive procedure that is a platelet-rich plasma therapy. You can think of it as a mask made out of your own blood. Sounds terrifying, isn’t it? But trust us, it is one of the most painless procedures that offer visible results in a quick and efficient manner. It is presently being hailed as one of the most sought-after treatments to get plump skin instead of getting derma fillers for the same.

Wondering what the process looks like?

Well, to create a mask out of your blood, the skin specialist needs to first draw blood from your body. This will involve taking a small vial of blood from your arm. It is important to note that the same blood is not directly used, but the platelets are, hence the name vampire facial PRP. The drawn blood is placed into a centrifuge to separate the three different layers which include plasma at the top, platelets and blood cells in the middle, and red blood cells at the bottom. You need the platelets and blood cells part to use for the vampire facial PRP. Once separated these platelets can be directly injected into the skin like the fillers, or your dermatologist could use it in combination with other processes like microabrasion, micro-needling, and resurfacing laser. Some countries have this ongoing trend of getting PRP vampire facelifts in conjunction with Skin Botox to enhance the elasticity of the skin.

What are the vampire facial benefits?

Now that we know what is vampire facial PRP, let’s talk about the host of benefits it has to offer. Vampire facial PRP results in the following:

Collagen Production: As we age collagen production starts to decline unless its production rate is stimulated. PRP Vampire facelift results in skin cell traumas which boosts collagen production. The micro-needling process of the treatment makes use of a minuscule need to penetrate through the skin. As soon as the trauma occurs, the immune system goes into a healing response which results in collagen production. This will result in immediate skin tightening.

Minimize fine lines and wrinkles: Vampire facial benefits results in improved cellular turnover. It recycles new old skin cells and results in the production of new ones, which forms collagen and elastin. With the skin tightening naturally as a result of micro-injuries, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles gets significantly reduced.

Enhance Moisture Retention: Your skin needs a strong barrier to retain moisture . With PRP vampire facelift resulting in unclogging the pores, the skin’s ability to retain moisture from creams and serum enhances significantly. If you are on medication for beauty enhancement, the unclogged pores will help in better absorption and thus deeper impact of the skincare products on the skin.

Who is the right candidate for the PRP vampire facelift?

Vampire facial PRP can help people who are looking for:

  • Evening out their skin tone
  • Reduce the impact of sun damage
  • Improve skin texture
  • Unclogging pores
  • Better absorption of skin care products
  • Make skin more tight and firm
  • Give the skin a dewy glow

It is important to note that if you are taking certain medications or have an underlying condition, make it a point to disclose to the doctor in the consultation session so that they can decide whether or not you can go ahead with the treatment.

Does Vampire facial PRP hurt?

Since board-certified doctors make use of medical-grade numbing cream on the area to be treated, vampire facial PRP causes no pain or discomfort.

What are the side effects of Vampire facial PRP?
Some of the common side effects of vampire facial PRP are:

  • Tingling
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Discoloration

These issues should subside after a few days but if the problem persists, we suggest getting immediate medical help.

How to take care of your skin after a vampire facial?

Your doctor will provide you with an extensive list of instructions and routines to follow, some of which may include the following:

  • Do not participate in any strenuous activity or exercise for the next 24 hours as your pores will be open and sweating might result in the accumulation of dirt and debris.
  • Avoid going out in direct sunlight for at least 10 days after the treatment and if it is unavoidable make sure you apply a sunscreen with minimum SPF 3 and reapply it every 2 hours.
  • Avoid wearing any heavy makeup for the next 24 hours after the treatment. Take a minimum of 48 hours gap to start the regular skincare regime and if you use Retinal-A, we suggest waiting for 72 hours.

We hope this blog helped you gain an understanding of the basics and vampire facial benefits. If you have any queries or suggestions on what should we cover next, let us know in the comment section below.


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